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Children’s Services

EOTAS Swindon celebrates latest Ofsted report

Friday 20 October 2017

EOTAS Swindon (Stratton Education Centre) has been graded as ‘good’ by Ofsted for the second successive time.

The four sites: the Riverside Centre, the Stratton Education Centre, the Hospital and Home Education Service, and the Adolescent Unit, were said to have maintained a good standard since the last inspection in April 2013.

The report praised staff in each centre for providing a welcoming and safe environment, and for their determination to give pupils the best opportunities for their future lives.

In addition, Ofsted inspectors said that the centre has helped pupils who previously did not enjoy school or were anxious when with others to begin to enjoy learning and to safely work with or alongside others.

Pupils' literacy skills have also improved through the provision of new reading books which have encouraged them to read and develop a joy of reading for pleasure.

The special educational needs coordinator was also recognised in the report for getting pupils the right support when they join the centres.

Ben Slater, Headteacher of EOTAS Swindon, said: “Following a rigorous inspection, we are delighted with the outcome and the way in which the report captures the daily aspirations of students and staff. We are proud of what has been achieved thus far. Proud but never complacent.”

In the previous inspection, the centre was asked to reduce the number of pupils who were persistently absent, something which Ofsted have said has been done as the team work closely with the education welfare officer to increase attendance.

The report recommends that the centre should now try to ensure that the service works even more closely with other providers and services, as this would help in getting pupils to a mainstream or special school in a timely manner.

Cllr Fionuala Foley, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and School Attainment, said: “I would like to say congratulations and well done to the team at EOTAS Swindon for this great result. I am very pleased with this report and everyone at the centre should be extremely proud. The progress which has been made is excellent and I’m sure that improvements will continue to be made in the future."