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New library packages proving a hit with Swindon Library users

Swindon’s library users now have two more great packages available, with the recent introduction of a new subscription service for readers’ groups and a SuperReserver ticket that allows unlimited reservations for a year at a cost of just £20.

Both schemes are proving popular with readers.

The SuperReserver offer targets adult ‘bookaholics’ who like to request several books at one time. The £1 per item reservation charge introduced in April can now be upgraded to a SuperReserver for a one-off charge of £20, meaning readers can avoid individual reservation charges right up until 31 March 2018.

Last year, for example, over 300 people reserved more than 25 items, indicating this would be a popular move, and so far 120 people have signed up.

The Library Service has also introduced a readers’ group offer, for a charge of £10 per member, which entitles groups to multiple copies of books sent to the library of their choice ten times a year. To date, 20 groups have signed up, and as part of the readers group network they will be notified of events, contact with the reading agency, and opportunities to get together and share their favourite reads of the year with each other.

Cllr Mary Martin, Cabinet Member for Communities and Place, said: “I am delighted that we can offer these packages to encourage people to make maximum use of our library service. They are already proving a hit with our library users and this is yet another example of the Council working hard to provide Swindon residents with the best possible amenities.”