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Joint visit by senior Council members and Justin Tomlinson MP for North Swindon

30 June 2017

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, Ward Cllrs Mark Dempsey and Teresa Page paid a joint visit today, with Mr Justin Tomlinson MP for North Swindon, to all the Council’s high rise buildings in north Swindon. Ms Kate Moore, Chair of the Council’s tenant Scrutiny Panel and also a member of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Housing was also in attendance.

The buildings visited were Upavon Court, Cleverton Court and Seagry Court, all in Penhill.

The visit included representatives of Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS), senior Housing and Building Services staff, the Neighbourhood Manager and the Lead Neighbourhood Warden. During the tour, the visitors took the opportunity to meet a number of tenants, see at first hand any concerns they may have and provide reassurance about the fire safety arrangements in place.

Council staff were able to brief Mr Tomlinson comprehensively on the fire safety arrangements for the buildings.

The Council has already written to tenants and leaseholders to update them on the fire safety procedures in place, and to explain that none of the Council’s high-rise blocks of flats have the same type of external cladding fitted to the Grenfell Tower block in London.

Additionally, the Council has issued a fire safety factsheet to tenants aimed at answering a number of concerns that have been raised about fire safety. Tenants have also been offered free DWFRS free Safe & Well visits which include advice on how to keep your home safe.

Cllr David Renard, Council Leader,  said:

“Although I could not be present today, I was pleased that my colleagues and Mr Tomlinson had the chance to visit the rest of our high-rise buildings, following my tour to south Swindon last week with Mr Buckland. The visit was an opportunity for Mr Tomlinson to see at first hand the stringent fire safety precautions in place in our high-rise buildings, and to meet with tenants.”