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Essential repairs identified during first phase of Akers Way reconstruction

Akers Way

Work is underway to repair the concrete substructure of Akers Way

Friday, 5th May 2017

Work to reconstruct a section of Akers Way has been extended after a number of additional repairs were identified by highway engineers.

The initial phase of the work between St Mary’s Church roundabout and Cheney Manor industrial estate was estimated to take six weeks to complete, subject to the condition of the underlying concrete base, but this has been extended after extra defects were discovered. It is only since the work started on site that it has been possible to fully assess the overall condition of the concrete substructure.

The first phase of the work is now expected to finish three weeks later than originally planned on 7 June.

The contractor is working closely with the Council to ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible and ensure the overall programme remains on track.

The major reconstruction of the mile-long stretch of road is designed to address problems with the deteriorating concrete base of the road. A complex but cost-effective solution has been devised which combines modifications to the concrete road base slabs and includes a specially designed thicker road surfacing material layer on top.

The design will increase the flexibility of the road and provide a longer-lasting protective surface over the road structure below. The contractor will also be carrying out improvements to the parking along the road.

Repairs to the concrete base in the first phase are well underway and work to extend the layby to the east of Cheney Manor industrial estate started this week.

Although Akers Way is closed between St Mary’s Church and Cheney Manor industrial estate, the remainder of the road is open as normal.

The diversion route for phase one of the works continues to be via Cheney Manor Industrial Estate Road, Darby Close and Cheney Manor Road. There is currently no access to Akers Way from the residential section of Cheney Manor Road including Harvey Grove, Brooklands Avenue and Manor Gardens.

Once the first phase is complete, the contractor will move to the next phase which will be a 200m stretch on the western section of Akers Way from the Purton Road Roundabout towards Nova Hreod Academy.

Akers Way concrete repairs

The Council's contractor is working hard to repair extra defects that have been identified in the concrete substructure of Akers Way

Phase three will follow on from this and will see the section of road from the Purton Road Roundabout towards the Nova Hreod Academy completed.

Phase four will move to the eastern side of the Nova Hreod Academy to Cheney Manor Industrial Estate Road roundabout. Bollards will be removed at the end of Slade Street creating a link to Bates Way which will allow residents of Beany View and Slade Street to exit out onto Moredon Road.

Finally, phase five will see the closure of the Nova Hreod Academy junction. The work will be carried out here between 31 July and 23 August during the summer holidays and just prior to the release of the GCSE exam results.

The diversion for phases 2, 3, 4 & 5 will be along Purton Road, Moredon Road, Cheney Manor Road, and Akers Way.

Regular updates on the road improvement scheme will be publicised through the Council’s fortnightly Highways News e-newsletter

Cllr Keith Williams, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for StreetSmart, Highways and Transport, said: “The contractor was making excellent progress with Akers Way but, unfortunately, the additional defects were discovered and these simply have to be repaired if we are going to deliver the new road we promised local residents and motorists.

“We will be doing all we can to work closely with the contractor to look at ways we can claw back some of this lost time in the later phases so the overall project is completed on time.

“As with projects of this nature, communication is key and we will continue to keep local residents, businesses and motorists updated with the very latest information on the project. If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to sign up to our Highways News e-newsletter for the latest progress on the scheme.”