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Council has preparations in place ahead of winter season

Friday 27 October 2017 

Twelve hundred tonnes of salt is being held in reserve should freezing temperatures hit the borough over the coming months.

The salt which has been put aside by Swindon Borough Council is enough to treat the town’s priority routes 30 times. Last year, the Council treated the priority routes 21 times using approximately 1,000 tonnes of salt,

The dedicated team of 16 drivers and eight gritting lorries will be on stand-by 24 hours a day to grit the priority routes which cover 200 miles of the borough’s 520+ mile road network.

The council has also checked the borough’s 475 grit bins, and those that need filling or replacing will be attended to in the coming weeks.

The Council’s Homeline service, which assists older and vulnerable people, has 4x4 vehicles so it can respond to emergencies in adverse weather. The service has a 4x4 Response Protocol whereby multi-agency support, including the voluntary sector, is available to assist in emergencies.

The Council has emergency planning procedures in place and staff in many service areas will also be placed on standby in the event of severe weather.

Cllr Mary Martin, Cabinet Member for Communities and Place, said: “Although we have had milder winters of late it is important for the Council to start preparing for the possibility of harsh conditions well in advance.

“We hold a sufficient quantity of salt in reserve and have allowed for additional stocks to be delivered quickly should it be needed.

“Our winter preparations extend beyond the highway, as we need to ensure we have staff ready to respond around the clock and keep our vulnerable residents safe in adverse weather."

Further information on how to stay safe in an emergency or during adverse weather is available at: